R62 Recommendation concerning Co-operation between States relating to the Recruitment, Placing and Conditions of Labour of Migrants for Employment

Geneva, 28 giugno 1939

The General Conference of the International Labour Organisation,

Having been convened at Geneva by the Governing Body of the International Labour Office, and having met in its Twenty-fifth Session on 8 June 1939, and
Having decided upon the adoption of certain proposals with regard to co-operation between States relating to the recruiting, placing and conditions of labour of migrants for employment, which is included in the third item on the agenda of the Session, and Having determined that these proposals shall take the form of a Recommendation,
adopts this twenty-eight day of June of the year one thousand nine hundred and thirty-nine, the following Recommendation, which may be cited as the Migration for Employment (Co-operation between States) Recommendation, 1939:

The Conference,

Having adopted the Migration for Employment Convention 1939, and the Migration for Employment Recommendation, 1939:
Recommends as follows:

1. Members between which the volume of migration is fairly considerable, or between which collective migration takes place, should supplement the measures which they take to ensure the application of the provisions of the Migration for Employment Convention, 1939, and the Migration for Employment Recommendation, 1939, by concluding bilateral or plurilateral agreements which might usefully deal, according to circumstances, with the following questions: (a) the supply of information to migrants for employment and the exchange of information between the competent Government departments;
(b) the repression of illegal and misleading propaganda;
(c) the issue of certificates and identification papers required by migrants for employment and the recognition in the territory of each of the contracting parties of the validity of such documents and of contracts of employment issued or concluded in the territory of another party;
(d) the methods of recruitment, introduction and placing of migrants for employment;
(e) the methods of preventing the separation of families or the desertion of their families by migrants for employment, of facilitating the reunion of families and of securing that the migrant will carry out any legal obligations which he may have towards dependants in the country of origin;
(f) any measures which may be necessary to enable migrants for employment to take the money they require out of the country of emigration and to transfer their savings to the country of origin, and the adoption of the most favourable exchange rate for such money and savings;
(g) the repatriation of migrants for employment and their families and the method of covering the cost thereof;
(h) the guarantees subject to which the nationals of one of the contracting States residing in the territory of another may be recruited for undertakings situated in non-metropolitan territories under the administration of the latter;
(i) the settlement of pension rights of migrants for employment under old-age, invalidity and survivors' insurance schemes if the maintenance of such rights is not otherwise provided for as between the States concerned.
2. Apart from or in addition to the agreements referred to in the preceding Paragraph, Members should co-operate in the practical solution of problems concerning the recruitment, placing and conditions of labour of migrants for employment, more particularly by such of the following methods as may be appropriate in the circumstances:
(a) the drafting of standard forms of application and contract for the recruitment and introduction of migrants for employment;
(b) the determination and revision of the quotas of nationals of one country who may be introduced into the territory of another during a year or season, and, if necessary, their distribution by sex, age and occupation;
(c) agreement on a procedure of co-operation with a view to the recruitment and the protection of the interests of migrants for employment;
(d) periodical meetings of a joint committee of the country of emigration and the country of immigration for the application or adaptation of proposals or measures for the recruitment, introduction, placing, employment, protection, and, where the case arises, repatriation of migrants for employment and their families.

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